Lördag den 28 juni 2014

Leftover day!


Personel: Daniel, Helena, Marianne, Lena, Teresa, Magnus, August

Weather:  AWFUL!!! Cloudy, mostly rainy, windy afternoon

Projects: Great Reed Warblers (GRW), Farmland birds, Netrights for the Ringing



As this day was dominated by constantly rainfall again, our outdoor activities were kept on a minimum and a big part of the time was taken for indoor duteis like entering leftover data, washing towels and doing an extensive shopping tour, just to name some examples.

Thereby it turned out that all the pied flycatcher chicks in front of our house fledged this morning and the last one left the box at 06:56am.


But for sure we also saved some time for our projects.

The farmland team focussed their attention and effort on Husön today (conventional crops) where they heroically tried to find the last needed skylark nest. Indeed they observed a suspicious male defending his territory. Concerning the Ortolans everything is fine. A chick of the logger female that was nesting in Ängfallet was seen feeding in Husön and the team supposes that another Ortolan might be nesting near Sörön.


Daniel and Helena spent the whole morning fighting the bushes and the forces of vegetation to get neat netrights for the ringing (which will start a little bit delayed this year). They even made up three completely new ones.


One priority for the GRW-team today was to find out which individual finally was taken by the hobby and probably it was a female from Njängen. Her chicks fledged already and we hope the best that they will be able to survive. Actually Teresa and August incidentally caught a female in Segersjö today whose mother also was predated when she was a pull.  She was ringed in Njängen last year.


That’s all from me!


have a good night