Fredag den 9 maj 2014

Personel; Magnus Persson, Nico de Laat, Torben Langer, Lena Soumpasis, Teresa Montràs Janer

Weather; Rain in the morning and grey during the whole day. Some sunny spelts later in the afternoon

Projects; Ortolan-Skylark-Yellowhammer; Great Reed Warbler


With only 1-2 Great Reed Warbler males in Rysjön and none in Fågelsjön, Åslasjön and Nyagnen there is not much we can tell about it but hope for them to arrive soon!


Magnus, Torben and Nico visited the non-ecological area where they survey and study both breeding territories and behaviour of breeding Skylark. As for Ortolan, no new arrivals today either. 


In the afternoon, the whole team went birding. Alerted by Magnus Friberg, we knew about a bunch of Artic terns in Rysjön. What a nice surprise and a wonderful bird!. After that, a non success but very adventurous and funny excursion looking for possible Dotterel fill the rest of the day.


See you on the next post.