Onsdag den 7 maj 2014

Rainy day, dream away

Let the sun take a holiday


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, MPN

Weather; rainy, windy, cold

Projects; planning


Harsh weather conditions forced us to focus mainly on indoor activities today. It is almost constantly raining since yesterday so we only went to Löten once, where we checked for interesting birds and tried to maybe hear the Great Reed Warbler that Lena and Teresa found yesterday. However, we didn’t find it so we went back to the house and focused on planning the next days. Especially tomorrow is a special day because there will be a meeting with local farmers, people from the agricultural university of Uppsala and from Örebro county at the bird observatory. More information about this meeting will be given in tomorrow’s blog.


Apart from that we spent most time on cleaning the house and in the evening Nico proved that he could easily be originally Italian by preparing some very tasty pizzas for us.