Lördag den 3 maj 2014

A male Ruff looking like a lady with that fancy "haircut" (Photo by Torben Langer)

The team is growing


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, Magnus Persson (MPN)

Weather; sunny in the morning, later cloudy and cold. Little wind

Projects; Wetland survey


This day began with a little surprise. On our kitchen table we found a letter from Magnus, saying that he arrived that night. Nobody of us heard him sneaking in which is a little creepy. However, we are glad he arrived and will join the team from now on. He will focus on the Ortolan Bunting and his timing couldn’t be better, since we heard the first Ortolan Bunting singing close to our house yesterday and this morning Nico was able to find it and could even identify its colour-rings.

Also in the morning we finished the wetland surveys in Löten and Fiskingemaden.


Löten: Mute Swan 2, Coot 7, Greylag Goose 72, Black-headed Gull 112, Lapwing 14, Mallard 5, Gadwall 11, Ruff 24, Teal 58, Wood Sandpiper 7, Wigeon 3, Shoveler 1, Redshank 1


The results for Fiskingemaden will follow in one of the next posts.


At 10:00 we all met at Öby Kulle to have some coffee and cake with Maja and Anita which was a very tasty event, like always.

The rest of the day we spend with different activities. Some went birding to look for Marsh Harriers, Penduline Tits or maybe another Great Reed Warbler (no success), others went shopping in Örebro.