Fredag den 2 maj 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; Calm, cold (0) and  sunny in the morning but in the afternoon more wind which made being outside a bit more uncomfortable. In the evening calmer again.

Projects; Wetland census, Great Reed Warbler, Ortolan, Starling

Hammarmaden, Hammarbotten, Killingemaden, Sorbysjon: Graylag goose 572, Lapwing 52, Garganey 3, Teal 289, Gadwall 10, Wigeon 30, Golden Eye 4, Ruff 11, Greenshank 8, Greater white fronted goose 65, Grey herron 1, Common tern 2, Whooper svan 2, Shoveler 23, Little plover 3, Wood sandpiper 221, Barnacle goose 1, Crane 216

Fågelsjön, åslasjön: Graylag Goose 152 (10 chicks), Coot 38, Mute svan 8, Gadwall 9, Goldeneye 9, Canada goose 3, Red necked grebe 6 pairs, Mallard 18, Pochard 1 male, Tufted Duck 3, Black headed gull 164, Bittern 5, Waterrale 5, Grey Herron 1, Teal 7, Greenshank 3, Osprey 3, Common redstart 1.   

Fraknabotten: Graylag goose 58, Lapwing 13, Black headed gull 130, Bean goose 80, Crane 17, Snipe 1, Greenshank 24, Grey herron 3, New gull 1, Mallard 4, Wood sandpiper 13, Spotted redshank 5, Mute swan 3, Gadwall 10, Ruff 3, Common tern 1, Shoveler 1, Teal 36, Wigeon 6.

Nyangen: Graylag goose 43, Black headed gull 25, Gadwall 4, Mute swan 4, Red necked grepe 1, Teal 9, Mallard 6, Goldeneye 1, Common tern 2.


Today we started with our wetland census routine. Every seven to nine days we check Kvismarens wetland areas. Everyone gets their own area, we started at seven in the morning and met again for coffee and breakfast at Angsfallet at ten. Specially when the weather is calm and sunny in the morning, counting waterbirds is relaxing and fun!

After our ‘morning exercise’ it we had to drive to the city to buy groceries and gas for the stove. Always a big contrast when leaving quite Angsfallet for ‘hectic’ Orebro. We managed to calm down our nerves with an ice cream and when back again at the station, we proceeded our work with the projects. Lena, Torben and Nico were going to check the last 25 starling nest boxes and just when they were about to fix the ladder on the roof of the car, they heard an Ortolan Bunting singing at Angsfallet!!!! In the morning we already got one reported nearby, but with this one it is official: the ortolans are back this year!!! We hope we will be able to find a lots of them. Teresa worked on this mornings data and after that continued her search for Great Reed Warblers…..but with no success. They will com, just as the Ortolans and than we will be working ‘full fart’ (like the swedish say). The last 25 starling boxes were a bit of a disappointment…. only three of them had eggs (all starling though). We will be back in about 20 days to ring all the young ones.

After a great spanish tortilla and a nice cup of tea everybody feels exhausted but satisfied!