Söndag den 27 april 2014

Moose. Photo: Lena Soumpasis

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, MFG

Weather; Sunny, warm, blue sky

Projects; Moose/Elk search


And today... moose search.


With a total number of 15 Marsh harrier nests located and one lonely male flying over Östra Kvismaren waiting for a lonely female; we decided would be good to give us a free Marsh harrier day and went looking for moose with Magnus Friberg.


And we succeeded!


A part from that, 2 female Capercaillie next to the track and a brave Lena having a swim on a small lake were also part of the fun.


Although last night we failled in our search for Spotted Crake (I must say that we gave up too early) we are pleased to announce that we found instead a Tawny owl nest ... more news on the incoming days.