Lördag den 26 april 2014

15 nests?


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; almost no wind throughout the day, clear and warm

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests, Starlings, ringing


Once again our day was dominated by Marsh Harriers, or better by their nests. We found at least one more at Nyängen which we will try to locate again and we confirmed two possible nest sightings at Åslasjön. Overall we have found 14-15 nests which, if it turns out to be right, would be a great number. However, it will be a great effort of searching in the reed to find all these places in summer, when the chicks will get ringed.

Next to our perpetual search for Marsh Harrier nests Nico started to control the Starling nest boxes in the surrounding area and could find the first eggs.

Additionally we started another round of ringing at Ängfallet. Today’s results: One female Greenfinch and to Blue Tit retraps, one of them from 2012.

Later than usually this day ended at Hammarbotten with us trying to hear Spotted Crakes singing. Total number of Spotted Crakes: 0

Maybe we will be more fortunate during the next days (or nights).