Torsdag den 17 april 2014

A Great Grey Owl in Great Grey Weather - Photo by Lena Soumpasis

Personel: Teresa Montràs Janer (TMJ), Torben Langer (TLR), Lena Soumpasis (LSS)

Weather: Cold and clear morning but a little windy, clouds in the afternoon led to rain in the evening

Projects: Wetland Survey; Marsh Harrier observation


By completing the survey in Värstamaden we were able to finish this week’s wetland surveys this morning! At the same time we observed Marsh Harriers in Rysjön, Nyängen, Fågelsjön and Åslasjön. In Nyängen we even witnessed the first Marsh Harriers carrying sticks around so possibly we can identify the exact position of some nests soon. Overall we could count 18 birds composed of 12 males and 6 females. Hopefully there are some more females to come.


Värstamaden (LSS): Greylag Geese: 14, Common Sandpipers: 1, Lapwings: 10, Teals: 44, Mallards: 1, Mute Swans: 2, Goldeneyes: 2, Gadwalls: 2, Cranes: 2


In the afternoon we joined Magnus on a trip to a forest some 60km away from Kvismare to see the nest of a Great Grey Owl. The added photo (taken by Lena Soumpasis) proves our success in finding the nest and the mother. And as if that is not enough, we also found some Black Grouse and two Capercaillie hens. A day ending like this is quite satisfying and really compensates for the poor weather.