Fredag den 10 maj 2019

Staff: Lucía Acevedo (LAL), Andrea Molina (AME), Mariana Lapa (MLA), Laila Aranda (LAR) and Gintaras Malmiga (GMA)

Weather: Cloudy and rainy in the morning, partially sunny in the afternoon

Projects: NEST BOXES

We have found the first starling chicks in Hammar but anything in Fiskinge. Instead of that, there were some predated nests.

In the morning, we have seen 3 great reed warbler in Sörbysjön, 1 in Nyängän and 1 in Rysjön. Besides, Kvismaren is plenty of sedge warblers and the reed warblers don´t stop singing in Fägelsjön. It looks like the spring have already arrived 😊