Söndag den 19 augusti 2018

Staff: Etiene Debenest (EDT), Melanie Bouyssou (MBU), Gildas Baudouin (GBN), Laila Aranda (LAR), Pierre de Bouët du Portal (PDL), Jonas Svenson (JSN), Quentin Demarquet (QDT), Alberto Molina Serrano (AMS), Ana Jara Navarro (AJA), Mariana Lapa (MLA)
Weather: Weather: Very windy, and some rain in the morning.

Because of rain in the early morning and the strong winds, everyone took a day off at Ängfallet. And as a good practice, we all took some time to rest and to enjoy our time around the station altogether. Starting with a pancake lunch provided by AJA, a few naps throughout the day, and a bike ride to the loppis and surroudings. Some of us went to pick up some fresh apples and mushrooms and some stayed around Ängfallet to check for a possible new ringing station. Also, we did a visit to Maja that offered us a juice machine so we could do fresh apple juice right away!
The perfect day off 😊