Tuesday May 6th 2014

Älg vid Husön, Bärsta (6 maj 2014). Foto: Magnus Persson


Personal: Nico De Laat, Torben Langer, Teresa Montras Janer, Lena Soumpasis och Magnus Persson.

Väder: halvklart under fm med svag vin från öster. Vid lunch tilltog vindstyrkan och vinden vred sig och blev syd-ostlig. Lätt regn under kvällen.

Monday May 5th 2014

Ortolan (Photo by Torben Langer)

And still there are no Great Reed Warblers...


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, MPN

Weather; cold and mostly sunny

Projects; Great Reed Warblers, Ortolan Bunting, Farmland Survey, Ringing


First of all, the missing Wetland Survey data from the weekend:


Sunday May 4th 2014

Tawny Owl chicks. Photo: Torben Langer

Good work. Good fun.


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, MPN, MFG

Weather; Sun, and clouds, cold northerly wind during the whole day

Projects; Ortolan, Great Reed Warbler, Tawny Owl, Penduline Tit, Marsh Harrier


Saturday May 3rd 2014

A male Ruff looking like a lady with that fancy "haircut" (Photo by Torben Langer)

The team is growing


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, Magnus Persson (MPN)

Weather; sunny in the morning, later cloudy and cold. Little wind

Projects; Wetland survey


Friday May 2nd 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; Calm, cold (0) and  sunny in the morning but in the afternoon more wind which made being outside a bit more uncomfortable. In the evening calmer again.

Projects; Wetland census, Great Reed Warbler, Ortolan, Starling

Wednesday April 30th 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; Calm, cold, sunny and cloudy during the whole day. In the evening, increasing NE wind, rain and hail 

Projects; Marsh harrier; Great Reed Warbler; Ortolan


The day started very good. Lena and Torben went to Rysjön and confirmed another Marsh Harrier nest. Total number then, 17! Don't be surprise if we ended by finding a few more. We are in the move now!