Wednesday April 30th 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; Calm, cold, sunny and cloudy during the whole day. In the evening, increasing NE wind, rain and hail 

Projects; Marsh harrier; Great Reed Warbler; Ortolan


The day started very good. Lena and Torben went to Rysjön and confirmed another Marsh Harrier nest. Total number then, 17! Don't be surprise if we ended by finding a few more. We are in the move now!


Monday April 28th 2014

A White Wagtail displaying. (Photo by Torben Langer)

All Marsh Harrier nests at Åslasjön found


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; warm and sunny with freshening-up wind in the evening

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests, Ortolan Bunting


Sunday April 27th 2014

Moose. Photo: Lena Soumpasis

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, MFG

Weather; Sunny, warm, blue sky

Projects; Moose/Elk search


And today... moose search.


With a total number of 15 Marsh harrier nests located and one lonely male flying over Östra Kvismaren waiting for a lonely female; we decided would be good to give us a free Marsh harrier day and went looking for moose with Magnus Friberg.


And we succeeded!


Friday April 25th 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; sunny and calm throughout the day

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests, ringing, wetland survey

 The wetland surveys carried out today took place at two locations and resulted in the following:

 Fiskingemaden: Mute Swan 2, Greylag Goose 5 (+5 chicks), Gadwall 2, Mallard 2, Shoveler 2, Crane 1, Lapwing 22, Snipe 5, Wood Sandpiper 1, Black-headed Gull 150

Thursday April 24th 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; Cold and clear day. Moderate east wind during the morning dropping down in the evening

Projects; Wetland Survey; Marsh Harrier nests


Today a quick update.

Wetland Survey gave us the results below:


Wednesday April 23rd 2014

two geese chicks, photo by Torben Langer

Slow day!


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; moderate wind throughout the day, cold and clear

Projects; Wetland Survey; Marsh Harrier nests


This morning we started the second round of wetland survey. As a foursome we were able to face Nynäsängen and Nyängen, Fräknabotten, Hammarmaden, Hammarbotten, Killingemaden and Sörbysjön.  

See the results below:


Tuesday April 22nd 2014

Welcome Nico!


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, Nico de Laat (NDL)

Weather; Very sunny all day long, light breeze

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests, ringing


Just like the last days this morning started with the search for Marsh Harrier nests - this time at Fågelsjön. However there are no new nests to announce but we are confident to find some more during the coming days.

Monday April 21st 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR and LSS

Weather; Sunny and blue sky, with a gentle E-NE breeze

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests


10 Marsh Harrier nests! Although 2 of them could just be roosting platfforms and will need to be checked in the next days, there are 3-4 more pairs holding territories that have not started building yet. Very promising numbers.


So, we had fun in a busy but successful day, looking for nests and checking new territories.


See you in the next post!!!