Sunday April 23 2017

23rd April 2017

Staff: Daniel Wade (DWE), Bo Nielsen (BNN)

Weather: Pleasant though cold first off.

Projects: Wetlands Census, Marsh Harrier

This morning started with DWE finishing off the Wetlands Census at Fräknabotten as BNN conducted some Harrier nest finding over Rysjön then we both went to Åslaholmen to try for Harriers there.


Greylag Goose: 7
Mallard: 1 pair
Gadwall: 3 pairs + 4
Lapwing: 11
Snipe: 11
Green Sandpiper: 1
Blacl-headed Gull: 4
Crane: 6

Saturday April 22 2017

22nd April 2017

Staff: Daniel Wade (DWE), Bo Nielsen (BNN)

Weather: Very windy day, though slighty less so in the morning. Dust storms through the afternoon.

Projects: Wetlands Census, Starlings.

This morning, the second area’s of the wetlands census was completed.


Whooper Swan: 1
Greylag Goose: 26
Gadwall: 1 pair
Wigeon: 41
Teal: 25
Lapwing: 5
Crane: 4


Thursday April 20 2017

20th April 2017

Staff: Daniel Wade (DWE)

Weather: Very windy after 9am, cold start.

Projects: Wetlands Census, Goose Census

Part 1 of the Wetland Census was begun today, unfortunately without super powers covering the whole site in a day before 10am is impossible, but for the third set of results for the survey there will be many more personel on hand to assist.

A pre-breeding Greylag Goose count is conducted early in the season in order to establish how many adults are using the site, half of this was conducted this morning.

Wednesday April 19 2017

19th April 2017

Staff: Daniel Wade (DWE)

Weather: Warmer than it has been.

Projects: Marsh Harrier

Another warmer day as it starts to really feel like spring, the last of the snow has melted and many birds are in song.

No new Marsh Harriers nests on Åslasjön today but 2 pairs continued to nest build at the locations that have already been noted.

Wetland Census time tomorrow!


Tuesday April 18 2017

18th April 2017

Staff: Daniel Wade (DWE)

Weather: Warmer than it has been.

Projects: Marsh Harrier

Sun broke through a little today and with low winds, it was nice to be able to reduce the number of layers worn out to fieldwork for the day.

After spending so much time around Åslaholmen, it was time to have a look at proceedings at Rysjön. Sadly to report 1 female hunting but not much activity in the nesting department thus far, back to Åslaholmen tomorrow!


Monday April 17 2017

17th April 2017

Staff: Daniel Wade (DWE)

Weather: Cold and breezy at times.

Projects: Marsh Harrier

Once again the weather proved no fase to the Marsh Harriers around Åslaholmen. A new nest was discovered on Åslasjön with at least two more pairs established as well as a long female still displaying. These are all promising signs for a good season with many nests.


Sunday April 16 2017

16th April 2017

Staff: Daniel Wade (DWE)

Weather: Cold, but clear day, some very light snow.

Projects: Marsh Harrier

Apparently a bit of snow doesn’t stop Marsh Harriers! Spring in Sweden is somewhat strange by a British standard, Chiffchaffs singing whilst snow falls and 2 pairs of Marsh Harriers were seen nest building today in similar conditions.

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