Wednesday July 30 2014

Staff: Kieran, Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Hannes and Antoine


Weather: A very welcome break in the very hot weather, a slight breeze (3 m/s) combined with a small amount of cloud cover while still very sunny. A slight rain shower in the afternoon. A temperature of around 25 degrees celcius that felt much cooler due to wind and rain.


Tuesday July 29 2014

Staff: Kieran, Antoine, Carlos, Helena, Hannes and Bruno.


Weather:Early morning misty but sunny with a slight breeze later.

Projects: Ringing program CES

Ringing: It has been a good mark as usual in the latest sessions at Vallen, 222 birds (nice number) of 18 different species. We must remark that one of the retraps has been a Reed warbler ringed in Norway.


Summary of birds caught:

Sedge warbler 71 (1)

Marsh warbler 8

Reed warbler 33 (2)

Monday July 28 2014

Personal:  Helena, Carlos, Antoine; Hannes, Bruno, Kieran.

Weather:  This day at Ässön was very wet after the rain yesterday. The sun came back this afternoon with around 27 c° and approximately 3m/s wind.

Projects; Ringing program CES


CES Ringing program  Today was an average day, remarkable only due to the number of mosquitoes. We have caught:

-Great Tit 5 (retrap 3)

-Blue Tit 5 + (4)

-Reed Bunting 7

Sunday July 27 2014

Staff: Antoine, Bruno, Carlos, Hannes, Helena and Kieran.

Weather: Cloudy morning at Banvallen and a little rain at the end of the ringing session.  Afterwards it was sun.

Ringing: It was a very quiet morning with not too many birds in the nets.  103 birds of 14 species were caught in 5 hours, but nothing special.

The summary of today’s catch goes as follows:

Saturday July 26 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Helena, Kieran and Hannes.


Weather: Yet another calm, sunny day with temperatures rising up towards 30 degrees Celcius in the afternoon. We are all adopting the Spanish practice of siesta with some enthusiasm. 


Friday July 25 2014

Staff: Kieran, Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Hannes and Antoine


Weather: A  nice day with a slight breeze (1.5m/s), very sunny with no clouds. Temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius after the morning cold.


CES-ringing: The first day of the season at Ässon today went very steadily with a constant stream of birds, tailing off towards the end. The highlight came in the form of the first Lesser Whitethroat of the season, hopefully a lot more to come.


Thursday July 24 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Hannes, Kieran, Helena and our guest Bo Nielsen (chairman of the board).

Weather: Warm, hot, absolutely boiling or whatever you want to call it. Probably just under 30 degrees Celsius. No wind and clear skies, except for the morning mist.


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