Wednesday April 23 2014

Slow day!


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL

Weather; moderate wind throughout the day, cold and clear

Projects; Wetland Survey; Marsh Harrier nests


This morning we started the second round of wetland survey. As a foursome we were able to face Nynäsängen and Nyängen, Fräknabotten, Hammarmaden, Hammarbotten, Killingemaden and Sörbysjön.  

See the results below:


Tuesday April 22 2014

Welcome Nico!


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, Nico de Laat (NDL)

Weather; Very sunny all day long, light breeze

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests, ringing


Just like the last days this morning started with the search for Marsh Harrier nests - this time at Fågelsjön. However there are no new nests to announce but we are confident to find some more during the coming days.

Monday April 21 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR and LSS

Weather; Sunny and blue sky, with a gentle E-NE breeze

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests


10 Marsh Harrier nests! Although 2 of them could just be roosting platfforms and will need to be checked in the next days, there are 3-4 more pairs holding territories that have not started building yet. Very promising numbers.


So, we had fun in a busy but successful day, looking for nests and checking new territories.


See you in the next post!!!


Sunday April 20 2014

Happy Easter everybody!


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS

Weather; Sunny and warm all day with just a light breeze.

Projects; Marsh Harrier Nests


This beautiful Easter Sunday was dominated by Marsh Harriers! In the morning we were searching for their nests at Nyängen, Fågelsjön and Åslasjön. After this nice morning session, we followed a tradition that can’t be lacking on this day… the Easter egg hunt! We only had three eggs, so everyone had just one egg to find but they were well hidden.

Saturday April 19 2014

God afton Sverige after Day number 6!


Personel: TMJ, TLR, LSS, Magnus Friberg (MFG)

Weather: foggy (very foggy) morning, quite sunny afternoon

Projects: Sörön nest boxes, Marsh Harrier nests, Ringing


The 5th day of the season began without visibility. So we just changed plans and started the day with fixing the broken nestboxes in Sörön.

Friday April 18 2014

Personel; TMJ, TLR and LSS

Weather; Cloudy morning. Sun and calm afternoon

Projects; Marsh Harrier nests. Ringing


Marsh harriers. This is the main project we are working on at the moment. A new 'wave' of females seems to be arrived at Kvismaren and today there were more females around. With a few pairs displaying and another one building nest, things are getting interesting. How many nests will be in Kvismaren this year?


Thursday April 17 2014

Personel: Teresa Montràs Janer (TMJ), Torben Langer (TLR), Lena Soumpasis (LSS)

Weather: Cold and clear morning but a little windy, clouds in the afternoon led to rain in the evening

Projects: Wetland Survey; Marsh Harrier observation


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