Wednesday July 23 2014

Personal:  Helena, Carlos, Antoine; Hannes, Bruno, Kieran.

Weather: A very warm day at Vallen today (29c°). Sunrise in the mist in the morning and very sunny this afternoon; approximately 2 m/s wind.

Projects; Ringing program CES


Tuesday July 22 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Hannes, Kieran and Helena.


Weather: Early morning misty and late morning very sunny and warm without wind.


Ringing: Very special day to ring at Banvallen. (Not for the number of captures= 84), today we have caught the first Greenish warbler ever ringed in Kvismaren. On the other hand we saw and heard twice a King fisher, not really common here.


The summary of today's catch:



Sedge warbler            26 (4)= 30

Monday July 21 2014

Staff: Antoine, Bruno, Carlos, Hannes, Helena and Kieran.

Weather: A fantastic day to ring at Vallen. It was a sunny and calm morning with 25º degrees at the end of the session.

Ringing: Best mark for this season.  182 were caught in 7 hours, with highlights such as 7 Bearded Tits and 6 Great Reed Warblers (2 adults, one of them unringed, and 4 juveniles, one of them unringed). Furthermore we caught two new species for this season, the first Marsh Warbler and the first Grasshopper Warbler.

Sunday July 20 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Kieran, Antoine and Hannes.


Weather: Calm and cloudy, with morning mist lingering, though not particularly cold. Mostly sunny from noon and throughout the afternoon.


Projects: CES-ringing at Banvallen. This was Kieran's first morning as an assistant ringer. A total of 76 birds were caught, 55 being new ringings and 21 retraps. The highlight of today was without question the young Wryneck, which, true to its name put on a real show! 

Saturday July 19 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Hannes, Helena, and the new arrival, Kieran


Weather: A lovely day with no wind (calm), sunny and cloudy, thick morning mist and a light rain shower in the early afternoon. Temperature 19 degrees Celsius once the morning cold had passed.


Friday July 18 2014

Personal:  Helena, Carlos, Antoine; Hannes, Bruno.

Weather:  Very beautiful sunrise this morning and big sun this afternoon; approximately 5 m/s southwesterly wind.

Projects; Ringing program CES


CES Ringing program : The ringing team is now alone at kvismaren. Today we caught.

-Great Tit

-Blue Tit

-Reed Bunting

-Black Cap

-Common Whitethroat

-Garden Warbler

-Sedge Warbler

-Willow Warbler

-European Robin

Thursday July 17 2014

Staff: Bruno, Carlos, Helena, Hannes and Antoine. Teresa and Marianne has finished their season at kvismaren. Good luck with your projects and see you soon!


Weather: Cloudy early morning but this soon cleared into a bright sunny day.


Projects: Standardised CES Ringing (Vallen).


Ringing totals:


Sedge warbler 16 (2)

Reed warbler 10 (5)

Great reed warbler 2

Parus palustris 1

Willow warbler 4

Reed bunting 16 (2)

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