Saturday July 12 2014

Personal: Teresa, , Helena, Daniel, Carlos, Marianne, Antoine; and Hannes.  

Weather: We had very cold this morning and cloudy the afternoon.

Projects; Great Reed Warbler ; Ringing program CES ;


CES Ringing programme : Ringing session as usual in the reeds with the following birds caught:

-Thrush Nightingale

-Reed Warbler


-Willow Warbler

-Sedge Warbler

-Pied Flycatcher


-Common Whitethroat

Friday July 11 2014

Beautiful and sunny weather in Kvismaren, like a Spanish spring!

Personal: Teresa, Helena, Daniel, Carlos, Bruno, Antoine, Marianne; Guest researcher: Maja

Weather: Sunny day with moderate breeze from east-northeast. Average temperature of 21degrees.

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; CES

Thursday July 10 2014

Staff: Teresa, Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Daniel, Marianne, Antoine and Maja Tarka. Guests: Jan and Hilmar Lindström.


Weather: Foggy  early morning, sunny and warm during the whole day with clouds leading to rain coming in the afternoon.


Great Reed Warbler project: Maja and Teresa have retraped  a female breeding in Egeby. This was ringed  at the first time  in Vallet (28/08/13) when she was aged as a 1st year. 


Tuesday July 8 2014

The day before yesterday, sorry Magnus......

Staff: Teresa, Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Daniel, Susan, Marianne, Antoine and Maja Tarka.


Weather: Sun, sun and more sun

Farmland project: Failed to catch the target ortolan bunting


Great Reed Warbler project: Another good day by teresa


CES: Another day and another CES session completed with the following totals from BVAL:

Great tit- 2

Wren- 1

Sedge warler- 8 (1)

Robin- 2

willow warbler- 10 (5)

Wednesday July 9 2014

Staff: Teresa, Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Daniel, Susan, Marianne, Antoine and Maja Tarka.


Weather: Another hot sunny day in Kvismaren. It seems Spain and not Sweden.


Great Reed Warbler project: A female, which was building its nest, was caught this morning by the GRW team.


Monday July 7 2014

Staff: Teresa, Carlos, Helena, Daniel, Susan, Marianne, Antoine, and visitor Arne. Newly arrived: Maja Tarka (GRW project) and Bruno (CES ringing).

Weather: Very hot, no wind or clouds. Maybe 30 degrees?

Dagens arbete:

Two new nests of Great Reed Warbler were found today, which is unusually late in the season.

Sunday July 6 2014

Personel; Marianne, Antoine, Carlos, Teresa, Daniel, Helena, Susan. Guest: Arne

Weather; Mostly sunny, slightly windy

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Ringing; Marsh Harrier Nests; Farmland Surveys


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