Tuesday May 3 2016

2nd May 2016

Staff: DWE, MLA, LST

Weather: One more warm day!

Projects: Marsh Harrier, Starling nestboxes, Great Reed Warbler, Crane Counting.

Another morning checking for Marsh Harrier nests, this time in Fiskingemaden. One more nest was found, raising the total number of confirmed nests so far to 15. And another possible location of a nest, where a male and two females were present.

Sunday May 1 2016

1st May 2016

Staff: DWE, MLA, LST

Weather: Another warm day!

Projects: Marsh Harrier, Big nest boxes, Starling nestboxes.

This morning DWE and MLA went to Lötenplatform to check out the Marsh harrier nesting activities on Rysjön and Nyängen. We discover 1 for sure new nest but 2 very likely nests as well in Nyängen.

Following this we went to climb and check the larger boxes in Sörön for Tawny Owl’s in order to collect unhatched eggs for the Riksmuseum in Stockholm. Sadly no nests were found in the nest boxes here.

Saturday April 30 2016

30th April 2016

Staff: DWE, MLA, LST

Weather: Warm day!

Projects: Marsh Harrier,

A much warmer day brought around a lot of Harrier activity, with 4 new nest building pairs discovered on Rysjön with 2 pairs active on Nyängen as well.

This afternoon we collected Stanley from the station, he will be part of the team til July and shall assist with all the projects.


Friday April 29 2016

29th April 2016

Staff: DWE, MLA

Weather: Mild start, but warmer day with clear skies and nice weather.

Projects: Marsh Harrier, Great Reed Warbler, Starling nestboxes.

A much nicer day than yesterday and a new nest site for Marsh Harriers on Åslajön brings us to 9 nests so far this season. We think there are currently 2 more pairs that we have not found nests for so far in the Åslaholmen area, but anticipate more birds arriving soon.

Thursday April 28 2016

28th April 2016

Staff: DWE, MLA

Weather: Cold start, weather system moving in at 10 and rain/snow all day.

Projects: Wetland Census, Marsh Harrier

This morning we censured Fräknabotten and looked out for Marsh harrier nest building from Lötenplatform.


Greylag Goose: 2
Mallard; 1 pair
Teal: 144
Wigeon: 55
Gadwall: 6 pairs + 1 adult
Lapwing: 11
Snipe: 3
Redshank: 1
Wood Sandpiper: 1

Wednesday April 27 2016

27th April 2016

Staff: DWE, MLA

Weather: Cold start, but actually a quite warm day with the odd shower

Projects: Wetland Census, Goldeneye Nestboxes, Spotted Crake

Today we censured all of Östra Kvismaren that was not completed yesterday, and to our horror the geese already have chicks, making the counting harder. We joke, we love it really.


Greylag Goose: 1
Teal: 131
Shoveler: 3 pairs
Gadwall: 4 pairs
Lapwing: 1
Black-headed Gull: 10
Bittern: 1

Tuesday April 26 2016

26th April 2016

Staff: DWE,

Weather: Cold start, but warm and sunny day (and it feels good to say so!)

Projects: Wetland Census, Marsh Harrier

Today was the beginning of Wetland Census part 2, with Åslajön and Fågeljön surveyed. Just for fun, all the geese feeding on Öbyåkern decided to visit Fågeljön whilst I was counting.


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