Tuesday May 5 2015

5th May 2015

Staff: DWE, JMY, TMJ, Marcello

Weather: Sun at first, then became cloudy & rained afternoon & evening

Projects: Skylark, Starling Nestboxes, Great Reed Warbler, Wetland Survey.

The day started with trial skylark plot surveys by DWE & JMY. 7 singing males were recorded over the two plots. Further discussion then took place with Jan Sondell to decide on the best methodology for the actual surveys beginning in Mid May. In the meantime we will be observing the skylarks to look for confirmation of nesting.

Monday May 4 2015

4th May 2015

Staff: DWE, JMY, TMJ

Weather: Cold windy morning, torrential rain all afternoon and drizzle into the evening.

Projects: Skylark, Starling Nestboxes, Great Reed Warbler, Wetland Survey, Marsh Harriers and Crane Survey.

DWE and JMY went out this morning to trial the first plots of the Skylark survey. In the 2 plots we identified 7 singing males (3 in one, 4 in another) and we shall switch tomorrow in order to see how closely our results trend.

Friday May 1 2015

1st may April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO, JMY

Weather: Variable. Sunny in the morning but rain afternoon and evening.

Projects: Marsh Harrier, Starling. Crows and Raven

In the morning we searched for Marsh Harriers at Värstamaden. A couple of birds were flying around but no more indication of breeding. We heard the first Cuckoo of the year and some Wood warblers in the morning.

After the Marsh Harrier morning was done did we search for some potential Crow breedings. We couldn’t confirm anything new.

Thursday April 30 2015

30th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO, JMY

Weather: Cold day, starting and ending with wind. Rain from 5 onwards.

Projects: Marsh Harrier, Starling.

As usual I and DHO went out to check on the Marsh Harriers (this morning at Rysjön). We identified a new pair and are now getting to a point where all nests will be located as TMJ has completed her areas around Åslasjön and Fågelsjön.

Wednesday April 29 2015

29th April 2015

Staff: DWE, DHO, JMY (Julie Murray)

Weather: Mostly sunny but cold wind. Some rain in the afternoon

Projects: Mars Harrier and Hooded Crow and Raven

Mars Harrier
After a look in Fågelsjön this morning that area is covered. Rysjön and Värstamaden needs to be checked again but otherwise the nestsearching is done now.

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