Söndag den 28 september 2014

Linnea looking at Bearded tit. Photo by Bruno
Student´s group picture. Photo by Bruno

Staff: Bruno, Mike, Linnea, Martin, Maria, Wille, Ellen and Simon.

Weather: Windy but warm and sunny.

Project: Ringing at Vallen. After 2 days no ringing, because of the bad weather (too windy), this morning we tried again..althougt it was another very windy morning, we decided to set on at least 12 nets. The students from Klarälvdalens folkhögskola i stöllet enjoyed with us the ringing session but few birds...


Reed bunting 8

Bearded tit 3 (1)

Blue tit: 1 (1)

Reed warbler 4 (1)

Robin 2

Meadow pipit 1

Great tit 1 (1)


Tomorrow will be better!