Torsdag den 15 maj 2014

Personel; Magnus, Torben, Lena, Teresa, Maja, Jacob

Weather; Sun is back! With some showers early in the afternoon

Projects; Ortolan-Skylark-Yellowhammer; Great Reed Warbler; Savi's Warbler


Sun is back and Great Reed Warbler as well!


Things start to get interesting in Kvismaren for the GRW team, and even more if we add Segersjö to the game with its 9-10 singing males and hints of some other females.


The Savi's Warbler is still at Värstammaden but does not have any female yet.


Magnus and Torben checked the breeding behaviour of Skylark, looking for nests. The same was done for Yellowhammer. One Ortolan Bunting pair was probably building nest at Ängfallet.


A short summary for a fantastic day.