Torsdag den 15 maj 2014

Personel; Magnus, Torben, Lena, Teresa, Maja, Jacob

Weather; Sun is back! With some showers early in the afternoon

Projects; Ortolan-Skylark-Yellowhammer; Great Reed Warbler; Savi's Warbler


Sun is back and Great Reed Warbler as well!


Things start to get interesting in Kvismaren for the GRW team, and even more if we add Segersjö to the game with its 9-10 singing males and hints of some other females.


Tisdag den 13 maj 2014


Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Torben, Lena, Maja Tarka och Jacob Rover and Nico .

Väder: Cloudet but dry, light breeze  and about 8 degrees celcius.


Projects: Great reed warbler and Skylark/Yellowhammer


Måndag den 12 maj 2014

Nötväcka matar otruget i ur och skur sina ungar vid fågelstationen. Foto: Jacob Roved

Hej dagbok!

Personal: Nico, Teresa, Torben, Lena, Maja Tarka och Jacob Rover samt Magnus (vid tang.).

Väder: Mulet, svaga ost-nord-ostliga vindar, tidvis regn. Omkring 8 grader.

Observationer: Megalarm!!! Prärielöpare (Tryngites subruficollis) på svämmad åker söder om Lötenplattformen (i Hallsbergs kommun). Trevligt och ovanligt vårfynd av denna vadare från Nordamerika. Upptäcktes under kvällen av (den okände legenden) Peter Gustafson från N Bro.

Söndag den 11 maj 2014

Another day in grey


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, MPN, Maja, Jacob

Weather; rainy, windy, cold

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Skylark, Savi’s Warbler


Once again a grey and rainy day at Kvismaren. However, there are some very nice things to tell about. This morning Maja and Jacob were able to find a Great Reed Warbler close to Öby Kulle. Could that be the bird that disappeared some days ago? Anyway it is good to know that they may be coming soon.

Lördag den 10 maj 2014

A bunch of "Swifters"

The early bird gets the worm


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, MPN

Weather; cloudy with some rain – later some sun, very light breeze and cold

Projects; Wetland survey, Great Reed Warbler, Ortolan


Just after sunrise the first wetland surveys started at 5. Quite early, but successful though. The results are the following:


Fredag den 9 maj 2014

Personel; Magnus Persson, Nico de Laat, Torben Langer, Lena Soumpasis, Teresa Montràs Janer

Weather; Rain in the morning and grey during the whole day. Some sunny spelts later in the afternoon

Projects; Ortolan-Skylark-Yellowhammer; Great Reed Warbler


With only 1-2 Great Reed Warbler males in Rysjön and none in Fågelsjön, Åslasjön and Nyagnen there is not much we can tell about it but hope for them to arrive soon!


Tisdag den 6 maj 2014

Älg vid Husön, Bärsta (6 maj 2014). Foto: Magnus Persson


Personal: Nico De Laat, Torben Langer, Teresa Montras Janer, Lena Soumpasis och Magnus Persson.

Väder: halvklart under fm med svag vin från öster. Vid lunch tilltog vindstyrkan och vinden vred sig och blev syd-ostlig. Lätt regn under kvällen.

Måndag den 5 maj 2014

Ortolan (Photo by Torben Langer)

And still there are no Great Reed Warblers...


Personel; TMJ, TLR, LSS, NDL, MPN

Weather; cold and mostly sunny

Projects; Great Reed Warblers, Ortolan Bunting, Farmland Survey, Ringing


First of all, the missing Wetland Survey data from the weekend: