Lördag den 21 juni 2014

One of the Pied Flycatcher chicks ringed today. Doesn't look entirely happy to see us. Photo: Marianne Stoessel.



Personel; Lena, Teresa, Marianne, Helena

Newly arrived; Daniel McGibbon

Weather; Sunny with few clouds, weak wind, temperature maybe 15 degrees Celsius.

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland Birds and Marsh Harriers


Marianne checked out the flyways for both Åslasjön and Västra Fågelsjön. Åslasjön is more or less boiling with nesting activity, whereas Västra Fågelsjön has much less of it. Noteworthy for his courage is the Marsh Harrier male who attacked an Osprey at Åslasjön!

Fredag den 20 juni 2014

Happy Midsummer!!!


Personel; Magnus, Lena, Teresa, Marianne, Helena

Weather; Sunny. Northerly breeze

Projects; Great Reed Warbler and Farmland Birds


The Farmland Bird Team looked hard but unsuccessfully this morning for the logger female around Ängfallet... Around Ängfallet??? She hides very well if they don't find her! But on finding nests are rather luckier and they managed to locate another Skylark nest on the ecoarea. Not an easy task we should say!


Torsdag den 19 juni 2014

The Ortolan-male of the logger-female, caught during the morning ringing (Photo by Marianne Stoessel)

I can't stand the rain


Personel; Magnus, Lena, Helena, Teresa and Marianne. The working guests: August, and Bengt.

Weather; cloudy, rainy, a tiny little bit of sun around the afternoon and evening

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds


Onsdag den 18 juni 2014

ÖSAB tryckte rent avloppsröret (från köket) som satts igen av fett och matrester. Äntligen! (Foto: Magnus Persson)

Hej Dagbok!

Personal: Teresa, Lena, Helena, Marianne, Magnus samt trastsångarkillarna Bengt Hansson och August Thomasson.

Väder: Soligt och molningt. Västlig vind ca 4 m/s. Runt 18 grader.

Dagens arbete: Trastångare, Ortolan/Sånglärka, holkmärkning i Sörön och bruna kärrhökens jaktrevir. 

Tisdag den 17 juni 2014

Pied flycatcher chick ringed at the nestbox (photo: Marianne)

Nico’s sista dag, sorg i huset…

Personel; Nico, Magnus, Lena, Helena, Teresa and Marianne. The working guests: Emilia, Dennis, August, and Bengt.

Weather; Sunny and windy.

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds, Night Census; Marsh Harrier

Last round for the Night census:

Måndag den 16 juni 2014

The Ortolan chick from this morning. Photo: Marianne Stoessel

Hello diary!

Workers: Teresa, Lena, Marianne, Friberg, Magnus, Helena and also the working guests Emilia, Dennis, August, and Bengt.

Weather: A rainy morning was followed by gradually better weather, the sky going from cloudy to "sunny with few clouds". Wind weak (at times moderate). Temperature range from around 10 degrees Celsius in the morning to around 20 degrees in the early afternoon.

Söndag den 15 juni 2014

5 Kestrel chicks ringed at a nestbox during the evening by Friberg's team at Söröslätten (photo by Magnus Friberg)

Hello diary!

Workers: Teresa, Lena, Marianne, Helena, Magnus and the working guests Dennis and Emilia.

Weather: Sunny and cloudy, a little shower. Aprox. 20 celsius.

Work of the day:

This morning, Marianne and Helena were keeping watching to the Ortolan nesting in Ängfallet. The pair whose chicks were ringed one week ago are still feeding and now the chicks seem to have fledged from the nest. A second Ortolan pair is now beginning to feed also, which is very good news!

Lördag den 14 juni 2014

Personel; Marianne, Magnus, Lena, Teresa, Dennis and Emilia

Weather; Strong NNW wing during the morning and part of the afternoon. Calm evening

Projects;Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Marsh Harrier


Fredag den 13 juni 2014

Personel; Marianne, Magnus, Lena and Teresa

Weather; Sunny, windy, calm, rainny, cloudy... no snow, no hale. A nice raindbow

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds, Wetland Census; Marsh Harrier; Crane counting


Demoiselle crane is back in play!


Weird day out in the lakes with a very changing weather. Chicks are hutching as expected. So far, 18 singing males, 23 nest in Kvismaren, 2 predations and one new female around.