Tisdag den 12 augusti 2014

Dunlin. Photo by Carlos Mompó

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Annemarie, Kieran, Helena

Weather: Sunny, light wind, around 20 degrees celsius.

CES-ringing: Today was a quiet session at Ässön. We caught 51 birds of 10 species, 3 of which were recaptures. It seems that migration has not started yet. The birds which were caught are:


European Robin: 1 new, 1 retrap

Reed Warbler: 15 new 

Sedge Warbler: 9 new + 1 retrap

Marsh Warbler: 1 new

Willow Warbler: 13 new

Blackcap: 2 new

Garden Warbler: 2 new

Måndag den 11 augusti 2014

Staff: Kieran, Carlos, Bruno, Helena and Annemarie


Weather: Today the weather was cloudy and cold with around 18 degrees. Wind speed reached 7 m/s. It started to rain shortly after 7 am. Heavy rain continued through the whole morning until the sun started to break through around 12 am. 


CES-Ringing: Today we were ringing at Banvallen. Due to rain, we had to close the nets around 7am. However, a Scarlet Rosefinch made our day. 

Söndag den 10 augusti 2014

Staff: Kieran, Carlos, Bruno, Helena and Annemarie


Weather: A cloudy and misty morning meant it started off quite cold before the sun broke through and it got up to around 25 degrees celcius. There was relatively no wind, not rising above 1m/s.


Lördag den 9 augusti 2014

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Annemarie, Kieran, Helena

Weather: Sunny, no wind, around 25 degrees celsius.

CES-ringing: Today's session on Ässön gave 128 birds, of which 121 were new ringings. These proportions make it quite clear that Ässön is a migration site. Nothing too interesting in the catch, but Annemarie and Bruno were happy to finally see a Black Woodpecker on the island.

Today's catch:

Reed Warbler: 20 new 

Sedge Warbler: 24 new

Willow Warbler: 19 new

Blue Tit: 22 new, 2 retraps

Reed Bunting: 19 new, 1 retrap

Fredag den 8 augusti 2014

Staff: Bruno, Carlos, Helena, Kieran and Annemarie.


Weather: A nice morning with no wind, warm and sunny.


Project: Ringing program CES.


It was a quite morning at Banvallen with just 63 birds. The captures have been decreasing at this station in the last days maybe because the birds that breed here started their migration and the northern ones haven´t arrived yet. We hope next visits will be busier.


The summary:


Sedge warbler 18+(2)

Torsdag den 7 augusti 2014

Marsh Warbler. Photo by Carlos Mompó

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Helena, Annemarie and Kieran.

Project: Ringing program CES.

Weather: Cold morning at Vallen. The sun just appeared at the end of the session.

In the ringing session we caught 157 birds of 19 different species. Definitely, Vallen is the best site to catch a lot of birds in these days.

The summary of today is:

Thrush nightingale 0 + (1)

Redwing 0 + (1)

Sedge warbler 24 + (3)

Marsh warbler 2 + (0)

Reed warbler 48 + (3)

Onsdag den 6 augusti 2014

Staff: Kieran, Carlos, Bruno, Helena and Annemarie


Weather: A comparatively cold day today, we woke to light rain and a slight breeze which then worsened through the morning, meaning temperatures only reached 22 degrees celcius. The sun did break through the clouds in the afternoon however it still stayed relatively cool.


Tisdag den 5 augusti 2014

Icterine warbler. Photo by Carlos Mompo.

Staff: Carlos, Bruno, Kieran and Helena.


Project: Ringing CES at Banvallen.


Weather: Crazy weather. Early morning misty and very warm, later sunny with high temperature around 25 degrees and a slight rain in the latest hour.


It´s been a relatively quite morning at Banvallen. We´ve ringed 80 new individuals and 20 retraps of 15 different species. The summary of the captures is:


Måndag den 4 augusti 2014

Barred warbler. Photo by Carlos Mompo.

Staff: Carlos, Helena and Kieran.


Project: Ringing program CES at Vallen.


Weather: Very warm day with high temperatures and a slight breeze.


The summary of today´s captures:

Sedge warbler 38 (1)

Reed warbler 53 (6)

Goldfinch (1)

Great tit (1)

Pied flycatcher (1)

Willow warbler 10 (1)

Marsh warbler 6

Reed bunting 19

Common whitethroat 11 (2)

Blackcap 1

Blue tit 2 (1)

Bearded tit 4

Söndag den 3 augusti 2014

Personal:  Carlos, Antoine, Hannes, Bruno, Kieran and Helena.

Weather: Windy day and hot temperatures.

Projects; Ringing program CES


CES Ringing program: Today was a boring day in Äson. We set only 10 nets because of the wind. 15 birds of 7 species were caught in 5 hours.

-European Robin 2

-Garden Warbler 2

-Sedge Warbler 2

-Reed Warbler 4

-Great Tit 1+1

-Blue Tit 1

-Reed Bunting 1+1