Fredag den 13 juni 2014

Personel; Marianne, Magnus, Lena and Teresa

Weather; Sunny, windy, calm, rainny, cloudy... no snow, no hale. A nice raindbow

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds, Wetland Census; Marsh Harrier; Crane counting


Demoiselle crane is back in play!


Weird day out in the lakes with a very changing weather. Chicks are hutching as expected. So far, 18 singing males, 23 nest in Kvismaren, 2 predations and one new female around.


Torsdag den 12 juni 2014

Great tit chick just fledged near a nestbox in Sörön (Photo from Marianne)

Windy Thursday

Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Lena, Nico, Marianne

Weather: Sunny but windy day (6-7m/s). Average temperature of 18°C

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Wetland census; Nestboxes ringing in Sörön and Marsh Harrier Flyway

Magnus, Teresa, Nico and Lena did the last observation session for the Wetland Census this morning. Here are the results!

Tisdag den 10 juni 2014

Häckande ortolan vid Ängfallet födosöker på grusvägen, kör sakta ty den har ungar! Tyskhare i bakgr. Foto: Marianne Stoessel


Väder: soligt, ca 22 grader. Svag vind.

Personal: Maja Tarka,  Jacob Roved, TMJ, LSS, MPN, NDL, MSL och Torben Langer som åkte hem till Tyskland idag.

Onsdag den 11 juni 2014

Finally: Hatching time for GRW!!

Personel; Marianne, Nico, Magnus, Lena, Teresa and Maja

Weather; sunny, short rainstorm in the afternoon

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland Birds, Marsh Harrier Flyways


Söndag den 8 juni 2014

Personel; Marianne, Nico, Magnus, Torben, Lena, Maja, Jacob and Teresa

Weather; Sunny and SW wind

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds


The Farmland Birds's team found one Skylark nest, after intens observation of 1 feeding pair. Nevertheless, the chicks were already fledge so they had to look for the youngsters between the crops. Too late. None could be found.

Well, not too bad. On their way back home, they found another pair feeding. Would they be able to find the nest tomorrow?

Lördag den 7 juni 2014



Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus, Marianne, Maja, Jacob, Bo

Weather; first rainy, then sun, later thunderstorm

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland Birds, Savi’s Warbler


Fredag den 6 juni 2014

New Spotted Crake ringed last night (photo from Magnus Friberg)

Quiet Friday

Personal: Magnus, Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Marianne, Bo. Guest researchers: Mikael, Maja, Jacob

Weather: Sunny day with some little clouds. Average temperature of 18°C

Projects; Great Reed Warbler; Farmland Birds; Night census; Crakes ringing programme

Torsdag den 5 juni 2014

Eko-bonden vid Ängfallet harvar upp svart jord. Perfekt för ortolan! Foto: Magnus Persson

Hej dagbok!

Personal: Teresa, Lena, Marianne, Torben, Nico, Magnus och Mikael Åkesson (arb. gäst).

Väder: Molnigt med småskurar. No vind. Ca 13 grader.

Dagens arbete: Trastsångarstudier, jordbruksfågelstudier och på kvällen nattsångarinventering (redovisas mer i morgondagens dagbok). 

Onsdag den 4 juni 2014

one of the three skylark chicks, in the hand of Torben (photo by Marianne)


Personel; Teresa, Torben, Lena, Nico, Magnus, Marianne, Mikael

Weather; cloudy and cool day, a little bit of sun in the early evening

Projects; Great Reed Warbler, Farmland Birds, Ormkärret nest boxes, Savi’s Warbler