fredagen den 22 september 2017

Yellow browed warbler, photo by Carles Durà

Staff: Carles Durà i Franch (CDF), Ferran Broto i Pomarol (FBP), Marine Gaillard (MGD) and Mauris Miara (MMA).

Weather: Cloudy.

Projects: Bird ringing crane monitoring.

Today we ringed in Banvallen. We got a lot of birds during the first round, but then number of captures decreased a lot. However, at the end of the day, we had a great SURPRISE!!
We got a Yellow browed warbler, first one ever ringed in the area of Kvismaren, and only the second ever observed!!
In general September is being better than August and we are getting close to 5000 birds captured during this season. 2 days ago, we got the first group of Long tailed tits in Vallen.

Carles Durà i Franch