onsdagen den 6 september 2017

Fish length

Staff: Carles Durà i Franch (CDF), Ferran Broto i Pomerol (FBP), Marine Gaillard (MGD) and Mauris Miara (MMA).

Weather: Windy.

Projects: Bird ringing, fish testing & Crane monitoring.

Yesterday while ringing in Ässon we saw a group of around 30 Barnacle geese, and then they were also observed by the crane team near Ekeby, the first ones for us. Also, yesterday, Ferran and me set 4 fish nets in Ryjön to know how the population of fishes are going on in the lake. This morning, Ferran went to ring birds in Banvallen and I (with the help of the crane team) went to check the fish nets. All fish captured were measured and weighted. In total, we captured 19 fish, 4 Northern Pikes and 15 Crucian Carps. As you can notice, I like charts, so I’ve done one with the fish length of both species, this is an easy way of seeing the age classes present in the lake. Most Crucian Carps are around 25 cm long (adults) and fewer are around 4 cm long (juveniles). For pikes, most of them are around 50 cm long (adults).

Carles Durà i Franch