fredagen den 21 juli 2017

Staff: Carles Durà i Franch (CDF), Laila (LAR), Gintaras (GMA), Ana Jara (AJA), Mariana (MLA), Cristina (CSP) and Gerker.
Weather: Still, sunny and hot.
Projects: Standarized ringing and GRW.

A couple of interesting captures today during standarised ringing the first common rosefinch of the season, and one of our juvenile marsh harriers, ringed at the nest and fledged this year, which was capturd by hand when it was found near the nets by CDF.

Sedge Warbler 13
Reed Warbler 11
Great Reed Warbler 1
Garden Warbler 2
Willow Warbler 2
Bearded Reedling 2
Great Tit 1
Scarlet Rosefinch 1
Reed Bunting 5
Sum 38