lördagen den 17 juni 2017

Staff: Carles Durà i Franch (CDF), Laila (LAR), Cristina (CSP), Gintaras (GMA), Ana Jara (AJA), Mariana (MLA), Dennis (DHT)
Weather: Foggy in the morning and sunny
Projects: Ortolans, and GRW.
Ortolans bunting
Today was really sunny and the female has been active, we saw her eating in Lindåsabaken. The male and other female were seen in Andersson this afternoon.
Great Reed Warbler
The GRW team have found one new nest and a new female was traped this morning in Nyängen. A logger was attached to a male in Obymaden. Dennis (DHT) arrived this afternoon.

This afternoon we have gone to eat a really wonderful ice-cream and swimming in the lake.