fredagen den 16 juni 2017

Staff: Carles Durà i Franch (CDF), Laila (LAR), Cristina (CSP), Gintaras (GMA), Ana Jara (AJA), Mariana (MLA).
Weather: Cloudy and rainy with a lot of long showers.
Projects: Ortolans, data entry, GRW and nest boxes.
The previous night we did the night census. As dusk is very late, we also finished the census very late. Actually the Yellowhammers were singing when we came back home, so it was morning for the Yellowhammers already. Therefore, we woke up very late to recover energy.
Due to the weather, we had to work between showers. While not raining we went to do some ortolan observations and while raining we did some data entry.
Also, we ringed the chicks of the birds breeding on the nest boxes around the house. We found Blue Tits, Pied Flycatchers and Tree Sparrows.
For the Great Reed Warbler team it was not easy to work either. They check the lakes and while trying to capture a male they accidentally also caught 3 Reed Warblers, 3 Reed buntings and 4 Bearded Reedlings!
Tonight Gintaras is cooking Lithuanian food that looks so yummy.
Thanks for following us!
Carles Durà i Franch